Of all the plays I write, these are the longest.  Feel free to explore one-act plays and short plays as well. Perhaps produce/commission plays.

The Straights, 2019

A cross-country no-boys-allowed psychedelic road trip through the heart (and heartlessness) of contemporary America. 5F/2M/1. Buy tickets!

Secret Supper: The Musical, 2017

A commission from Spring Street Social Society

Endless Summer, 2017

Three millennials sightsee and sublet a windowless bedroom in Bushwick during the summer of 2016. A contemporary-history play. 3M/1F. Read an excerpt.

The Love Suicides at New Haven, 2015

Teens kill themselves. 3M/3F. Read an excerpt.

Mermaiden; Or, The Monogamy, 2015

An underwater saga of love and democracy. 3M/2F/1. 

Dead In Brooklyn, 2014

Something's rotten in the state of Bushwick. Singing eyeballs, talking eagles, obelisks and avant-garde poetry. 3M/3F. 

House & Variations: A Naturalistic Family Drama, 2014

A play about coming out, fried chicken, and puppets. 3M/2F/1. 

Robot Hand, 2013

Ben's hand is talking in the voice of his estranged father. Also it's a robot. Also it can talk. 3M/2F. 

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